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The Registration "Beach" is not currently available.

2022 Beach Programming

The Registration "Beach" is not currently available.

RUSH VBC Beach Advisory Staff

David Stanton

Rush Beach Lead Coach

Rush Beach Facilities

Where most club have small sub standard facilities for there athletes to train on. We have a collegiete level faciltiy to train and compete on. 

Why Beach Volleyball???

  • More touches on the ball In a Study of the 2008 Olympic Indoor and Beach team, Average indoor athlete touches 14 times a set Average beach athlete touches 44 times a set Easy to see why beach makes you better....... faster
  • Higher Volleyball I/Q Higher VBALL IQ Learn to read the game quicker beat your opposition with placement Learn to handle the natural elements
  • Fastest Growing NCAA Sport 2012 there were 16 teams to 67 teams in 2016 By 2020 there will be as many as 180 programs involved
  • Increases Speed and Agility Challenges your fast twitch muscle fibers Able to move a lot faster, jump higher and be stronger Less impact on joints then indoor
  • Builds Teamwork Skills Only two players on each side No Outside Coaching during play Team must decide on flow of the game, lineups, timeouts....etc

Playing Tournaments........ DO you have the right membership?

Depending on what tournament you sigh up for you will need to have the right membership to register.  Here are the 3 main ones- 

Played Indoor?

If you purchased a full season junior membership for indoor club season, you membership carriers on into the summer. You will not need to buy an additional membership for USAV/ NCVA sanctioned events

If you are currently not a member and would like to play in the Beach Tournaments this season, don’t worry we offer a $20 Beach Membership. This membership option will be available for registration beginning on May 1, 2018.



CBVA Membership is $25. you need to purchase this prior to registering for a CBVA Beach tournament Registration